What Does “FINA Scoring 2018” Mean?

For Elite category, Swim Points exactly match the “Fina Point Scoring” tables, as defined by Fina, the International Swimming Federation. Point values are assigned once a year, based on World Record (WR) times and the points are valid for one year after they have been assigned. For long course (LC), this base times are defined as WR times at the end of every year, meaning that the current scoring is called Fina Scoring 2018 and will be valid until the end of 2018. For SC pools, however, the base times are defined as of 31-August each year. That means that the current scoring for SC was defined at the end of August 2018 and will be valid until the end of August 2019. After that date, Fina Scoring 2019 will replace it, using the SC World Records as of 31-Aug 2019.


Why Calculate Swim Points?

By assigning points to swim times, it can answer any time related questions and allows comparisons of swim results. The more points you get for a swim, the better swimmer you are.


What Does “WR Times - End 2015” Mean?

For non-elite swimmers, points are calculated based on the World Record (WR) times achieved at Masters Championships for any chosen age group. This “base times” are updated yearly, as of the end of the year, so the points you score are valid for at least throughout the end of the following year, when the base times might improve. So if you want to be very exact, it does matter in what year you got the points, so it is best if you share your results after a swim (even if just mailing or posting it to yourself) to follow your evolution as a swimmer year by year.


Will New World Records Show up Live, as They Happen?

No. For the purpose of correct Point Scoring system, the WR times are updated once a year and after all the pending world records are approved.


Is It Only for Competitive Swimmers?

No. It is a great companion for recreational, elite and masters swimmers. Competitive active swimmers will choose Elite category. Others should choose their age group, so their performance will be evaluated based on the world class times in their age group.


What Is the 400-Meters Swim Test?

This test will help you estimate your cardiovascular fitness level by swimming. It is an excellent indicator for recreational and masters swimmers. Swim any stroke or combination of strokes for 400 meters (or 450 yards) as fast as possible. Enter your time (for your age group!) and see your cardiovascular fitness level indicator calculated. You can time yourself and there is no need to start from the starting block. Start from the water and strive for an even pace throughout the swim. During the swim, if you need to stop and rest for short periods, do so. The calculated fitness level is an estimation correlated to the very popular Cooper test. Note however, that you may have a high fitness for a variety of sports but lack effective swimming technique. If this is the case, consider this test as an assessment of both your swimming technique and your conditioning level, and make sure that you improve on both with time. Take the 400M-TEST every two or three months and follow your progress.


What Is the "Lock Points" Button For?

By locking the points you can compare swim performances across different events, pool lengths or age groups. The same points mean equivalent performances. After you lock points, you can change any selection in upper part of the screen and the time will adjust to match the corresponding points. For example, let us pick 100 m breaststroke men, elite category, and set the time to 1:05:84. It brings the swim points value 602. Now, we want to know what the long-course (50m pool) equivalent of this result would be. We lock the points, then select Long Course, and the time animates to 1:08:59. This is a far better equivalent estimator than any of the converter tools, because it accounts for stroke, course, gender and age groups.


Any Tips on Using the App?

TIP 1: For any event or age group - roll the time towards 00:00 (min:sec) to get the points out of the maximum-points-range (> 1500 points) and the time will automatically “bounce” back to the World Record time.

TIP 2: Once you see a World Record time, hit Lock points. You can now pick any event, for any age group, and glance through the world records. That is because 1000 points means a WR performance.


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